Do window security bars work?

Window Security Bars

Introduction: When it comes to protecting our homes and businesses, one of the key areas of concern is securing windows. Windows are a vulnerable entry point for intruders, and homeowners often seek reliable solutions to enhance their security. Window security bars are a popular choice for many, but there are often questions regarding their effectiveness. […]

Safeguarding New Zealand: Combatting Crime with Tuff Security Solutions

Crime & Security in NZ: Safeguarding New Zealand, crime rates, including thefts and burglaries, continue to be a pressing concern for individuals and businesses. At Tuff Security, we recognize the importance of proactive measures to protect your property and loved ones. In this blog, we delve into the rising crime rates in New Zealand and […]

Security Bollards: Safeguarding Businesses in New Zealand from Ram Raids and Crime

Removable Security Bollards - Yellow

Intro to Security Bollards in NZ: New Zealand businesses face security threats like ram raids and crime. Security bollards are crucial in protecting commercial properties. This blog highlights their significance, focusing on deterring crime and ram raids. Additionally, we explore the benefits of removable bollards, offering flexibility for businesses. Protecting Against Ram Raids and Crime: […]

How to Stop Ram Raids:

How to stop ram raids - Expanding Security Grille Doors - White - Closed - Tuff Security - Auckland

10 Best Ways to Stop Ram Raiders Ram raids pose a serious threat to businesses of all sizes, resulting in significant property damage, loss of valuable inventory, and a sense of violation for business owners and employees. To prevent such attacks, a comprehensive approach is necessary that involves both physical security measures and security protocols. […]

How High Should Expandable Safety Barriers be?

Expanding Safety Barriers - Yellow - Auckland

How High Should Expandable Safety Barriers be in NZ? If you’re looking to purchase an expandable safety barriers for your business or organization in New Zealand, you may be wondering what height you should choose. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision. Safety and Security Installing an expandable safety barrier prevents […]

How easy is it to install window bars?

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How easy is it to install window bars? As a security company, we understand that many people are concerned about the safety of their homes and businesses. Window security bars are a popular solution to this problem, and many people may think that installation is complicated and time-consuming. However, in New Zealand, installing window bars […]

Window Bars selling out, is residential security taking off?


Do we really need window bars in New Zealand? The questions above are now not in question it is sadly the reality.  Therefore, Tuff Security has been created to fill that role in aiding home security and let’s not forget commercial security because they certainly need protecting. We at Tuff Security are not new to […]