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Do we really need burglar bars in New Zealand?

The questions above are now not in question it is sadly the reality.  Therefore, Tuff Security has been created to fill that role in aiding home security and let’s not forget commercial security because they certainly need protecting.

We at Tuff Security are not new to the security business we have been around for over 25 years looking after NZ security needs, this mainly being commercial and not residential.  There was no demand for home security, but as times have changed it appears that demand is upon New Zealand and home security is rising rapidly.

Since the start of the pandemic the crime of theft in New Zealand has risen by 25.2%, and acts intended to cause injury are also up 19.7%.  The direction in the crime figures is what Kiwis do not want to see, and we all need protecting from these crimes.

From ram raids, burglaries, hold ups and much more, we have seen it all and in the last two years it’s just been getting worse.  When we were getting calls from residential customers, we knew it was time to act and therefore Tuff Security is now here to plug this gap.  Now is the time to take our expertise of commercial security and spread it to residential and start offering families and homeowners quality affordable security.

Tuff Security biggest seller so far has been our expandable security steel bars, made to fit almost all window sizes and very affordable. These bars are simplicity to install, anyone with a small amount of DIY knowledge should be okay installing.  They are also very strong and would take enough time to cut through that most thieves wouldn’t even bother trying.

What does it cost to install window bars in Auckland?

One meter square would be.

1. Commercial Companies = $650

2. Tuff Security Online (DIY)= $330

What also should be taken into consideration is the speed you can attain your window bars.  With a commercial company they will need to measure your windows before they can make the burglar bars, these can take up to 2 weeks to be made.  At Tuff Security online, it’s as simple as choosing the right size bars for your window and paying online.  They will be sent out that day or the next day, or you can click and collect if you are in Auckland.

Window Security Bars - Steel Round Bars - Colour White - Installed

This product is exactly what we want this new business to be about, simple ideas, delivered quickly and have major impact in our customers lives and help you to feel safe in your properties.  Our experience tells us that when someone is looking for a security product, they don’t want to be waiting a week or two weeks they want it now to protect their family, their property, or their business. 

Security is not a want it’s a need and not always at the top of what we wish to spend our hard-earned money on, we understand this.  We also know that to almost everyone the world over keeping our loved ones safe from harm is our biggest priority.  We (Tuff Security) can’t do anything about the criminal intent we are seeing throughout New Zealand, but we can do our very best to make sure we can protect you from it.

Do you need burglar bars?

Time to take security serious!