How to Stop Ram Raids:

March 27, 2023
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10 Best Ways to Stop Ram Raiders

Ram raids pose a serious threat to businesses of all sizes, resulting in significant property damage, loss of valuable inventory, and a sense of violation for business owners and employees. To prevent such attacks, a comprehensive approach is necessary that involves both physical security measures and security protocols. Tuff Security offers a range of products and services designed to stop these types of attacks. The following are some of the security measures and products that have been known to stop ram raids:

1. Bollards & Ram Beams

Bollards and ram beams provide a popular solution for preventing ram raids. By installing these sturdy posts and beams in front of buildings, entrances, and other vulnerable areas, businesses can effectively prevent vehicles from entering. Bollards are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including steel, concrete, and plastic. Additionally, bollards can be made to be removable, freeing up any walkway, road, or driveway during the day.

Bollards installed in Auckland - Tuff Security
Bollards installed in Auckland – Tuff Security


2. Security Film

By applying security film to windows and glass doors, businesses can enhance their security measures against ram raids. Security film is a clear, adhesive film that provides an additional layer of protection to the glass surface, preventing it from shattering upon impact. This makes it much harder for ram raiders to gain entry to a building through broken glass.

3. Roller Shutters

Roller shutters provide a practical solution for businesses seeking to safeguard their storefronts against ram raids. Typically made of durable materials such as aluminium or steel, these shutters can be quickly rolled up or down as needed, whether the building is open or closed.

4. Security Cameras

Security cameras play a crucial role in any security system. They monitor vulnerable areas of a property, deter criminals, and provide valuable evidence in case of a ram raid. By installing security cameras, businesses can keep a watchful eye on their premises 24/7 and ensure that any suspicious activity is recorded and addressed promptly.

5. Access control systems

To enhance the security of a building or property, access control systems can be implemented to prevent unauthorized entry. These systems may involve the use of key cards, biometric scanners, or other forms of authentication.

6. Expanding Steel or Aluminium grille doors

To stop ram raids, businesses can take action by installing physical security measures such as expanding steel or aluminum grille doors, or solid steel doors. Expanding steel grille doors made of high-strength steel feature a unique lattice design that can expand or contract as needed to provide additional security. Additionally, solid steel doors can effectively keep ram-raiders out of side and back entrances. By utilizing these security measures, businesses can proactively protect themselves against the devastating effects of a ram raid.

7. Window Bars

Window bars: Businesses seeking to safeguard their windows from ram raid attempts often turn to window bars as a popular security solution. Typically made of steel, these bars can be installed on the inside or outside of a window to provide additional protection against forced entry. By installing window bars, businesses can reinforce their security measures and effectively prevent potential break-ins and deter ram raids.

4 x Window Bars Expandable - Black - Horizontal
4 x Window Bars Expandable – Black – Horizontal

8. Security Guards

Trained Security Guards can provide a visible deterrent to potential criminals and quickly respond in the event of a ram raid. Furthermore, they conduct regular patrols of a property and monitor security cameras to detect and promptly address any suspicious activity. Businesses can create a stronger sense of security and discourage would-be criminals from attempting a ram raid by having security guards on site. Additionally, the presence of security guards can make customers and employees feel safer while on the premises, providing them with peace of mind.

9. Neighbourhood Watch

Residents of a community can create a strong presence that deters potential criminals and helps prevent ram raids by working together. To elaborate, neighbourhood watch programs involve residents monitoring their neighbourhood and promptly reporting any suspicious activity to law enforcement. Through vigilant monitoring and prompt reporting, residents can help law enforcement respond quickly and prevent ram raids from occurring. Additionally, this type of community collaboration can effectively enhance security and deter crime.

10. Regular security assessments

Businesses can actively identify vulnerabilities and take necessary measures to prevent ram raids by regularly conducting security assessments. These assessments may involve physically inspecting the property and reviewing existing security policies and procedures. By taking this proactive approach to security, businesses can stay ahead of potential threats and minimize risks.

Xpanda Security
Xpanda Security


To conclude how to stop ram raids, businesses can implement comprehensive approaches that involve physical security measures and security protocols. Tuff Security offers a range of products and services that can effectively stop these attacks. These measures include installing bollards, roller grilles, expanding steel grilles, and steel doors, as well as receiving consultancy on ram-raid prevention. Businesses can protect themselves from the devastating effects of a ram raid by taking advantage of these measures.