When/Where to use the BDS Cash Box

  • The BDS Cash Box is ideal for storing and keeping cash and valuables safe.
  • The sturdy construction and modern design with rounded corners add to its durability.
  • The large removable money tray provides convenience for sorting and organizing cash.
  • The cam lock ensures the cash box is secure and cannot be easily opened.
  • The convenient carry handle allows for easy transport of the cash box.
  • With dimensions of L300mm x W175mm, it is the perfect size for a variety of applications.
  • The cash box comes in excellent display packaging, making it an attractive and practical solution for both personal and professional use.



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  • BDS SS330Acash box sturdy construction
  • modern design and rounded corners
  • large removable money tray
  • locked by cam lock
  • convenient carry handle
  • size L300mm x W175mm
  • excellent display packaging

Cash boxes are convenient way to store and keep safe cash and valubles.



  • Brand = BDS
  • Colour = Cream
  • Supplied with 2 keys
  • size L300mm x W175mm
  • Compartments = 6
  • Need a Key Cabinet


Sturdy Construction and Modern Design:

The BDS SS330A Cash Box offers a perfect blend of style and security, making it an ideal choice for any office, business, or home setting. Its sturdy construction guarantees maximum protection for your cash and valuables, while its modern design and rounded corners add a touch of elegance. You can rest assured that this cash box not only keeps your valuables safe but also looks great doing it.

Large Removable Money Tray:

The BDS SS330A Box makes it easy to organize and access your cash and valuables with its large removable money tray. The tray is designed with multiple compartments to keep your money organized and easily accessible. This feature adds convenience and practicality to the cash box, making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to manage their money efficiently.

Locked by Cam Lock:

The cam lock of this product offers enhanced security and restricts unauthorized access. This prevents theft and loss of your valuable items and ensures that only authorized personnel can access its contents.

Convenient Carry Handle:

Businesses that require quick and efficient transport of cash between locations will find the BDS SS330A’s carry handle particularly useful. Its sturdy and comfortable design allows it to handle heavy loads without causing discomfort or strain. With the BDS SS330A, you can have peace of mind knowing your money is always secure and easily accessible.

Size and Display Packaging:

The cash box is compact and easy to store with its size of L300mm x W175mm. Additionally, it makes a professional and attractive addition to any business setting with its excellent display packaging. The packaging serves as a protective cover during shipping, ensuring that the cash box remains in good condition upon arrival.



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