Where/When to use these Expanding Safety Barriers:

  • No need for a permanent barrier
  • Warehouse roller door openings and docking bays
  • Blocking off kiosks 
  • Cordoning off factory spaces
  • Building & road works site entrance’s
  • Shops, malls, and dairy’s aisles
  • Walkways and pathways that still need full access
  • Complies with safety issues and deters pedestrians to keep out of potentially dangerous workspaces


Hire a Barrier – Expandable Barriers for Hire

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  • When you only need a barrier as a stop gap
  • 1200mm High x 4000mm Width and 1800mm High x 4000mm Width
  • Strong, robust, and easy to manoeuvre
  • Comes with tollies so can be moved to different areas
  • Opening width: 4 meters – closing width: 440mm 
  • 20mm square aluminium latticework
  • 32mm diameter aluminium pipe uprights
  • Electro galvanised & epoxy coated
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Trollies are easy assembled by customer – alum key and spanner
  • Available in red/white
  • Looking to buy an Expandable Barrier 


Hiring is a Smart Choice

Hiring expanding barriers is a smart choice for businesses that need to control access to certain areas and enhance security. These barriers can be easily and quickly set up to provide a physical barrier that deters intruders and prevents unauthorized access.

Where to use Barriers

Expanding barriers are versatile and can be used in a range of settings, including construction sites, warehouses, car parks, and other areas. They are cost-effective, allowing businesses to get the security they need without the expense of purchasing and maintaining their own barriers. Additionally, expanding barriers can be customized to match branding and can also be used to create safe working environments and prevent accidents.



  • Opening width: 4 meters – closing width: 440mm 
  • Heights: 1500mm &1800mm
  • Lengths: 4000mm
  • Swivel castor is foot lockable
  • Riveted diamond uprights
  • Locking arm 270mm
  • Can be locked together to create longer widths


To hire a barrier is an excellent solution for businesses seeking to secure their premises and control access to specific areas actively. Businesses can use these barriers in a wide range of settings, including warehouses, car parks, and construction sites, among others. Here are some reasons why businesses should consider hiring expanding barriers:


Hire a barrier offers expandable and effective physical barriers that can deter intruders from accessing your property. These barriers come designed to be secured with padlocks to prevent unauthorized access. Furthermore, hiring a barrier allows businesses to customize their security measures to their specific needs, including choosing the size and style of the barrier that best fits their requirements.


You can use these expandable barriers to block off areas temporarily or permanently, depending on your needs. Furthermore, the expanding barriers can be easily moved and repositioned, allowing businesses to adjust their security measures as required.


Hiring a barrier offers businesses a cost-effective solution, especially for those who do not want to invest in purchasing and storing their own barriers. Moreover, businesses can obtain the necessary security by hiring a barrier, without incurring the cost of purchasing and maintaining the barriers. Additionally, renting a barrier provides businesses with more flexibility, enabling them to adjust their security measures as required. Finally, using a hired barrier is a hassle-free solution that saves businesses the time and effort required for maintenance and storage.

Health and safety:

Expanding barriers not only enhance security but can also create safe working areas and prevent accidents. Furthermore, they can be used to block off hazardous areas or cordon off a construction site to prevent public access. In addition, expanding barriers can also serve as a clear indication of restricted zones or areas that require caution, helping to minimize the risk of accidents.


In summary, businesses can enhance security, control access, and create safe working environments by hiring a barrier. Moreover, expanding barriers offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness, making them a smart choice for improving security measures. Additionally, using a barrier for a short period is an easy way to solve the problem without the need to store it afterward. This approach also saves businesses from spending too much on a barrier that they only require for a short time.

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Additional information

Barrier Size

4000mm x 1200mm, 4000mm x1800mm

Number of Months

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


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