When/Where to use the Keysafe Padlock version

  • Use the Keysafe padlock version to securely store keys outside your home or business.
  • Ideal for providing access to family members, renters, or employees.
  • Perfect for vacation rentals, real estate agents, or emergency responders.
  • Features a resettable combination lock with 10,000 possible combinations.
  • Durable construction with a protective weather cover for outdoor use.


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  • Colour: white.
  • Resettable pushbutton combination.
  • 1024 possible combinations.
  • Holds up to 2 keys.
  • Dimension: 100 (H) x 59 (W) x 41 (D) mm.


Secure Storage with Kidde Keysafe

Kidde Keysafe is a secure storage solution for keys that is designed to keep your keys safe and easily accessible. It is an ideal solution for homeowners, real estate agents, or anyone who needs to grant access to their property.

Easy to Use Pushbutton Combination Lock

The Kidde Keysafe features a resettable pushbutton combination lock that offers 1024 possible combinations. This provides a high level of security and allows you to create a unique code that is easy to remember. The combination lock eliminates the need for keys, making it more convenient to use.

Compact and Durable Design

The Kidde Keysafe has a compact design that makes it easy to install on any flat surface with the included mounting hardware. The lockbox is constructed with durable materials that are built to last and withstand outdoor elements. The Keysafe can hold up to 2 keys and is available in a white finish.

The Kidde Keysafe is an excellent solution for anyone who needs to grant access to their property while maintaining a high level of security. The pushbutton combination lock eliminates the need for keys and provides a high level of security, while the compact and durable design makes it easy to install and use. With the Kidde Keysafe, you can rest assured that your keys are safe and secure.



  • Brand = Kidde
  • Finish = White
  • Key capacity = 2
  • Dimension: 100 (H) x 59 (W) x 41 (D) mm.
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Slimline Kidde Keysafe Design for Space-Saving Convenience

The Slimline Kidde Keysafe is a compact and sleek design that can easily attach to any wall or flat surface. Its slim profile takes up minimal space, making it ideal for those who have limited space for key storage. It can be mounted with the included hardware, ensuring that it remains securely in place.

High-Security Features for Peace of Mind

The Slimline Kidde Keysafe comes equipped with a resettable pushbutton combination lock that provides added security for your keys. The combination lock has 1024 possible combinations, making it difficult for unauthorized persons to access your keys. The interlocking faceplate adds an extra layer of security by preventing tampering and unauthorised access.

Holds Up to Two Keys for Convenient Storage

This version of the Slimline KeySafe™ can hold up to two keys, making it ideal for households with a small number of keys. Its compact design doesn’t compromise its storage capacity, allowing you to keep your keys organised and secure. Its white colour ensures that it blends seamlessly with most decors.

Compact Dimensions for Easy Installation

The Slimline KeySafe™ measures 100mm in height, 59mm in width, and 41mm in depth, making it easy to install in tight spaces. Its compact dimensions make it a versatile storage solution for those who require secure key storage in small areas. Additionally, its dimensions make it lightweight, allowing you to install it without the need for additional hardware.

In conclusion, the Slimline Kidde Keysafe is an excellent investment for those who require a compact, secure, and convenient key storage solution. Its slimline design, high-security features, and easy installation make it a versatile storage option for households and businesses alike. With its ability to hold up to two keys, the Slimline Kidde Keysafeis a convenient and secure way to store your keys, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your keys are safe and organised.



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